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Hello, it is me 👋

Some people call me Siri, but if you can pronounce سیروان then I am going to brag about you!

I'm an architect deeply dedicated to building stronger communities. I firmly believe in the profound impact of design, as it has the ability to unite people and create inclusive spaces for all. With a diverse portfolio spanning Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, I consistently collaborate with teams to deliver innovative spaces that cater to the unique needs of clients and communities. 


With a passion for crafting transformative experiences, I also venture into the realm of content creation. Through captivating travel and product photography and films, I collaborate with visionary partners to bring their bold ideas to life.

Photography has become my medium for storytelling. I work with leading hotels and tourism Bureau: to bring their vision to life.

Video &

Film making has become my second chosen medium for storytelling, Aerial film making has added a captivating dimension to my work, offering unique perspectives and breathtaking shots that elevate storytelling to new heights.


Sketching and illustrations are part of my daily rituals.

OK, so what now? 

Check out two other startups that I co-founded 🥳

London Desing Lab 3000x3000.jpg

I do practice as an architect full time

Equator: '16-'17 | Make: '19-'23 | Woods Bagot: '23-Present
*all logos are registered trademarks of the named companies

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