For this project, we were asked to design a gardening and cooking school located in Fowlmead Country Park in Kent


It is to imagine that people will come here for a day or an evening, to take courses in gardening and/or cooking, or perhaps just to have dinner or lunch by invitation. This is not a public facility as such, that is, people can’t just wander in; they must pay for a course or book a meal in advance. There will, however, be a shop open to the public during the day, which will sell plants, produce, and prepared foods such as jams and pickles. The main building is relatively simple but yet interesting. All the spaces within the building are related to each other whether by having a glass facade or being an open space. One of the challenge was the main spaces are located in the north part of the building, it means less natural light enters but by taking advantage of double high space roof this problem was solved as you can see in the perspectives ( a series of roof glass introduced). Overall the domestic atmosphere is cosy and interesting.