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As an award-winning RIBA Part II architecture graduate from the AA, I hold great passion in parametric & data driven design as well as BIM. I believe that places that one lives, works and grows can be minimalist, contemporary and sustainable. This belief has particularly fostered my interest towards temporary pavilions, collaborative design processes, and generative design.

Exploration of all these areas altogether, by incorporating computer-aided design and advanced modelling, has proven me the possibility of designing architectural forms with the end goal of promoting the well-being of people and communities. 

As long as I can remember, I always dreamed of becoming an architect; I remember that day when  my teacher from year two asked me and other pupils about our dream jobs, my answer was 'I want to become an architect so I can design a twisted tower'. My  uncle Sasan had a huge influence on me since he was a civil engineer. So in a nutshell, I only breathed architecture, smelled architecture and dreamt of architecture. I knew what I wanted to do and I studied hard to achieve that goal. 

The year is 2011, and I am just 3 months away from my final year 12 high school baccalaureate exam. I am one step closer to reach my childhood dream; I am revising 7 subjects. Unfortunately, my dear father and my hero, passed away due to cancer and that incident came with a great shock. My father always encouraged me not to give up and always to work hard towards my goals. Thus, I deiced to take my exams in late June.


The result is out and I achieved 92%, but that meant I am a couple of points short to study architecture in Kurdistan. Since I did not want to give up, I decided to go to the UK to purse architecture and the rest is history. One door closes and another one opens!

During my part 1 studies, I participated in extracurricular activities that led to KSCV Gold Plus Award for my contribution to the student union and to the university, including: being a student mentor for two years in row; leading the photography society and contributing to the student television network KTV for being the cinematographer for the award-winning film, Julia Rose Marks. 

I've also participated in several architectural and enterprise competitions, including the Big Idea where I designed the first multi-functional cardboard chair and KSA end of year catalogue cover design in 2016 where I won the competition and my cover design was selected.


When it comes to online activities, this website has been hand picked by Dexigner and is ranked #1 in the best architectural portfolio category and I'm Youtube Partner since 2011 for my contribution to technology videos on the platform.​


I am very active on Instagram ;)


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