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The aim of this project is to design a naval and aviation museum for the Isle of Sheepy to highlight the importance of both sectors on the isle and also to bring more visitors and take them through a historical journey.. Also to  desiging an exterior space for the youth.


The  brief was for the design of a Naval and Aviation Museum for the Isle of Sheppey, through adapting and extending the existing Dockyard Church in Sheerness-on-Sea, a Grade II listed structure. The project will celebrate the naval history of the Isle of Sheppey, providing a record of the important historical events that took place here!


The shape of the building is inspired by historic and tragic events that took place in the area including: riots, fire, flood and most importantly the moment where the Wright Brothers flew their plane on the Isle of Sheppy.

By referring to the concept diagram (the third image), this is how the shape got its design!

Event: The first riot in the area took place in 1830 by workers against authorities.

Design: In the second diagram, a small part of the building got separated to reflect the riot. Per say, the riot usually creates  a gap between both sides.


Event: A see wall was constructed.

Design: One more level introduced to the block as in the third diagram.


Event: Railway introduced to the area in 1850s.

Design: the small part is moved to highlight the importance of railway by bringing more movement to the area.


Event: In 1909, Short Brothers established Sheel Beach Aerodrome,

Design: A small part of the main block is elevated and the small block is rotated by 45 degrees to highlight plane movements and ascend to the sky.


Event: Two worships were exploded off the coast in 1914/15 and there were a series of floods that affected the area, latest was in 2013.

Design: In the South Elevation, the ground and third floor is extruded to reflect the explosions and the small exterior block is lowered to highlight the flood.



The main entrance is through the Church which its function has changed from church to a community place. Then the visitor turns right to the Naval exhibition. Upon exiting the Naval Exhibition, they are entering the Aviation and Temporary exhibition which covers all three floors. A cafe is available for everyone on the ground floor.


The landscape is transformed to become a gathering space and also to act like an open theatre. A range of car parks is also introduced.


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