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Building Design

 Galeria El Prado

El prado

This was the last project of the year. Students asked to design a small Contemporary Art Gallery on a site in Barcelona "De Medinaceli".Prior to the assignment, students had a field trip to Barcelona to have an oppertunity to see the site & undertook analysis. Galeria El Prado was my propsal for the site & simplicty is its core. Simple but yet modern site landscape gives another layer of buty to the site. Both budilg & landscape designs match Barcelona's atmosphere.


Form Finding

 Retail Kiosks


The square between the Marlowe building, the Jarman building and Blackwells bookshop is currently used for a weekly, temporary, open air vegetable market and occasional second hand book and flea market etc. This involves the various market traders having to erect their own stalls/ shelters and dismantle and remove them from site each and every day the market is in operation. However without these activities the square remains underused and somewhat dead! The university wishes to formalise the market location and consequently enliven the whole square by erecting more permanent retail kiosks under school of architecture's new Digital Crit room that can be used by various traders for a variety of different retail uses.

The retail shelters should be able to fit between the supporting columns of the Crit room. It is also planned to convert a part of the space into a small café with an external terrace which it is hoped will help to enliven the otherwise dead side of the square. In my proposal I tried to maintain simplicity but an effective way for utmost shoping experience. The first three kiosks in the front facade have two functions, It can be used as plasce where customers can order items or foods from the window without entering the kiosk. However it can be used as a small store or for markets.


Form Finding

Shelter Project

Shelter project

This was the very first project in first year. Studens asked to design a shelters out of carboards, bamboos, stirngs, Polythene sheets and tubes. A pair of three students worked together to design shelters which must be designed to capable of accomodating all three for one night. My group mates choose my design for being comfortable and wind proof as the main challenge was wind. the shape of the shelter was curve, that helps wind to pass the shelter without affecting it. on the sides, a seried of stings introduces for maximum protection.



Modern House

Schröder House

Schroder house

In this module which was assigned in the first term, studnets asked to write an essay on a modern buidling and make a model of that building. in the spring term, in a series of workshops, students have learned on the basics of 3ds max which later we reproduce the house digitaly with one furniture within that building. Each student assigned to a specific building. Mine was Schröder house. It was my first time to use 3DS Max.


Other Works

Other works

Beside Architectural drawings, we all had classes in regards to life drawing, making sculptures & free hand drawings.

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