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This project is mainly about urban designing & focusing on housing as a building type. 


The first stage was to develop a master plan at the urban scale and the second stage was to design various housing schemes at the scale of an urban block by addressing the following issues: Planning the external spaces between buildings, A humanistic approach at all scales, Energy efficiency and sustainability, Modern methods of construction. The Plan also stipulated that there should be no habitable rooms located on the ground floor because of the flood risk, which is high in this site.


The site is located in Faversham creek with a lot of potential and a great opportunity to transform the area into a vibrant neighbourhood. By prioritising cycling and pedestrian walkway, this scheme aims to make the area a safe platform for everyone to enjoy. It is a playground for further development.



The scheme proposes three unique housing types, aimed at different age groups. They are as follows:

lux House, a Japanese inspired housing unite aimed at a small family. Unlike traditional homes, lux Housing moves bed rooms into the lower floor and the living room, study room, and kitchen are placed on the top floor. 

lux Compact, A small housing experience to share between two-four people. The double-high ceiling in the kitchen is a nice touch and makes the space to look a bit cosier. The living room is placed on the first floor where two bedrooms are placed on the second floor.

lux Apartment is a great home for a couple, students or friends to share as each apartment comes with two bedrooms and a balcony.


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