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W=YV  is a multidimensional design studio specialising in architecture and minimalist illustrations with a clean and modern aesthetic; Apart from working on design, and editorial commissions, W=YV also aims to create experimental and temporary architectural installations to bring people together and fundamentally to raise awareness about .i.e. environmental and mental issues by establishing architecture as a medium for creative self-expression and to the ethos of architecture for the people. The studio aims to apply data and neuroscience to architecture.


People is at the heart of everything we do. We dream. We visualise, we collaborate and we create.

We favour collaboration and dynamic models of creating.

Places that one live, work and grow can be minimalist, contemporary and sustainable.

Architecture, illustrations and films can enhance the human condition.

Our home is earth.

We believe in globalisation.

We work in a world of flux and shifting condition.

We continuously adapt to new method of creating.

We acknowledge each design expedition in its entanglement, challenge and non-linear nature that responds to circumstances and conditions as they emerge.

Our motives are steered by a strong ethical compass.

We strive to teach. It is core to our development.

Architecture is frozen music’.

Our key words contain; human, earth, dedication, collaboration, fun, exploration, making, prototyping, technology, learning, process

We are always aware of how to adapt and what we need to learn.

We believe in innovation and the use of cutting edge technologies .i.e. Robots.

We invariably share and love to be shared with.

We enrich our minds and souls with vibrant culture, architecture, music, theatre, dance, and economics. We create for them.

At one with nature and mankind.

We are mindful that we need to look from a distance to see the trees that make up the forest and roots that make up trees.

Everything has a narrative.

Architecture is a means of giving form to the storyline.

We don’t give up, the solution is in the corner.

We are storytellers and there is room within our story for others.

Life experience makes for a richer plot.




Wayv's Vision


W=YV ARCHITECTURE is interested in designing pavilions in addition to realizing a diverse array of urban, cultural and commercial projects. The Studio aims to work collaboratively with architects, designers, neuroscientists, and every-day people that believe architecture is a practice of optimism. We approach our design projects with the attitude that to make great places, we believe in the future, but also remember the past.

W=YV emerges from the idea that a building or a pavilion should be expressive and reflect contemporary life with the use of cutting-edge technologies, data, and by applying neuroscience to architecture. Innovation is at the core of our design process. We believe that expressive design should be realized with sustainable technology. We know from experience that great architecture comes from working with great clients driven by great concept and story-telling; however, architecture as a whole is a public art and we hold ourselves accountable not only to the client, but to the people, and places in which we build.

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W=YV ILLUSTRATION is interested in creating minimalist illustrations with bold colours and expressive styles  to tell a whole story with a few well chosen details. The lack of cluttering matter, enhanced by the expressive use of colours, creates an emotional response in the viewer. The aim of the illustrations are for the viewer to feel the space with vivid feelings and experiences; and to create a vibrant dialogue with the viewer rather than establishing a relationship of command.

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Envisioning architecture, illustration, and film as one intertwined entity driven by storytelling based on real-life scenarios, creates a meaningful design.


W=YV produces creative videos for all upcoming projects.

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